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Resources for Castleton University faculty to learn more about teaching strategies and best practices in higher education


Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. It consists of three guidelines:

  • Provide multiple means of engagement
  • Provide multiple means of representation
  • Provide multiple means of action and expression

Four easy ways to begin incorporating UDL into your courses:

  • Vary your pedagogy: Switch between lecture, discussion, activities, and other methods regularly during class
  • Use multiple modalities: Present information in more than one way (text, graphic, verbal, etc.)
  • Give choice: Allow students to choose their topic, assignment type (paper, presentation, etc.), whether or not they want a partner
  • Emphasize relevancy: Reinforce how the information they're learning will be useful to them outside of the classroom and explain how assignments help meet learning goals

Sound intimidating? Start by identifying just one UDL practice you can add in one class!

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