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Teaching and Learning Resources

Resources for Castleton University faculty to learn more about teaching strategies and best practices in higher education

Bringing LibGuide content into Canvas

You can easily bring content from Castleton's LibGuides into your Canvas course. 

You could bring the APA page from the library's Citing Sources guide into a page, assignment, quiz or other item in your course, for example.

Create the item. Then when you are editing the item, choose Library Admin from the External Tool dropdown, like this


Then select LibGuides - (the only choice) and select the content type you would like to display in your course, a full LibGuide, a Single Page or a Content Box.



Then, select the guide, page or box you would like to appear. Like this for a guide page:



Or like this for a particular content box from a particular guide page.  Decide whether you want the box's header and border to appear. Then click Embed Content.



And voila, the box or page will show up in the page (or assignment or quiz, etc.), like this:

Class Librarian Discussion

Faculty can import a Class Librarian discussion into Canvas courses so your students can get individual help with research projects right there within your course.  It's in the VSC Canvas Commons, called "Class librarian discussion." For a librarian to interact with your students, you need to ask Sarah to add the librarian to your course. You could also make a new research help discussion in your course specific to your students' needs and invite the librarian to join.