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Integrative Learning: Home

Resources and updates from the Integrative Learning Steering Committee.

The Integrative Learning Steering Committee oversees the implementation of a 3-year Davis Educational Foundation grant awarded to Castleton in 2015.  Information about the grant project and related initiatives will be made available via this site.

Teaching & Learning Collection

The Teaching and Learning Collection at the Calvin Coolidge Library includes more than 190 titles covering teaching topics.  52 new titles were added in Fall 2017 thanks to funding from the Integrative Learning grant.

Browse the titles in the Library Catalog or visit the collection, located near the Reference Collection.

Select titles include:

What is Integrative Learning?

Integrative Learning is commonly defined as the "process of making connections among concepts and experiences so that information and skills can be applied to novel and complex issues or challenges."  Defining and supporting integrative learning and teaching at Castleton is one of our main purposes.  Learn more at What is "Integrative Learning?".