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Global Studies Subject Guide (archived): International media

Resources to support Castleton's Global Studies program


The Big Project. links to international newspapers in English (and more)

Internet Public Library Newspapers Collection. Click on the name of a country. For each newpaper language is indicated.

All You Can Read Newspapers. Click on the name of a country toward the bottom of the page.  Scroll down on the results page.

Today's front pages from newspapers around the world from the Newseum (a "museum of news" in Washington, D.C.)

Project Syndicate
"The World’s Opinion Page." A  Prague-based organization providing syndicated news analyses and commentaries to media outlets around the world. 


World Wide Internet Television
Portal for live streaming video from over 2900 TV channels from around the world.

Media outlets by country

To access media outlets of a given country:

BBC Country Profiles
Choose a country, then click on Media

International media outlets

Other examples of major international media outlets

Network targeted at Hispanic America

Al Jazeera English
English version of the Arabic-language news network

German newspaper, especially good for European affairs

The Economist
British newsmagazine

The Guardian
Left-leaning British newspaper

The Straits Times
Singapore-based newspaper, good source of Southeast and East Asian news

London-based wire service




"Global Voices is an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world."


Eurozine an multilingual open-access portal to "Europe's leading cultural magazines"