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Resources for Castleton University faculty for use of the library, incorporating information literacy into courses, sources for curriculum materials and more

Welcome, Castleton faculty.

With this guide we hope to facilitate your use of the Castleton library's services and collections, and to provide access to resources helpful for your research and teaching.

Please be in touch with any suggestions for this guide.

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A sampling of readings

Learn and think about information-related student learning issues with us

Some sample readings

Strengthening the Student Toolbox: Study Strategies to Boost Learning by Jack Dunlosky (Fall 2013, American Educator)
Examines the effectiveness of ten learning strategies, including practice testing, distributed practice and elaborative interrogation.

What Students Don't Know
Very helpful article summing up some recent ethnographic research about how students and faculty use and perceive libraries and librarians.  Please read this!

Toward a Rational Response to Plagiarism
Some thoughtful advice about dealing with plagiarism from Rob Jenkins in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Using Library Experts Wisely
How one faculty member tweaked his research assignment and made library sessions more helpful and relevant for his students

Clive Thompson on the New Literacy
Short piece in Wired magazine reporting on research that points out that students are writing more than ever due to their use of social media and maybe that's a good thing as far as the quality of their writing. 

The Horizon Report "examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. It is the eighth in the annual series of reports focused on emerging technology in the higher education environment."

Chronicle of Higher Education

New York Times and Rutland Herald

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