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Criminal Justice Subject Guide: Start Researching

Guide to researching Criminal Justice topics.

Conversations in Criminal Justice

Ten Essential Actions Cities Can Take To Reduce Community Gun Violence (January 12, 2022). Violent Crime Working Group, Council on Criminal Justice

Justice Today (April 22, 2022) Desistance: It's a Process, Not an Event [podcast]

Three National Institute of Justice social scientists discuss research on why and how people desist from committing crimes. 

Research and Evaluation Center  (November, 2020). Reducing Violence Without the Police: A Review of the Eviidence. John Jay College

Started in 2022, Vital City is a journal with short articles discussing how to reduce violence and improve New York City. While focused on New York City, the articles are relevant to communities around the country. 

Engel, R. S., McManus, H. D., & Herold, T. D. (2020). Does de-escalation training work?: A systematic review and call for evidence in police use-of-force reformCriminology & Public Policy19(3), 721.

Demir, M., Braga, A. A., & Apel, R. (2020). Effects of police body-worn cameras on citizen compliance and cooperation: Findings from a quasi-randomized controlled trial. Criminology & Public Policy19(3), 855.

The Ezra Klein Show (November 23, 2021). Why Is Murder Spiking? And Can Cities Address It Without Police? 

An interview with Patrick Sharkey, a sociologist at Princeton University and the author of Uneasy Peace: The Great Crime Decline, the Renewal of City Life, and the Next War on Violence. 

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Citing Sources

Free Citation Managers

Citation managers make it easy to organize and cite references in class papers. You can set the citation manager to any citation format (APA 7th, MLA, Chicago, etc.). ZoteroBib is the best choice for a single paper with less than 20 references. Zotero and Mendeley are better for organizing scores of references on a subject in order to cite them in multiple papers or in a large paper.  

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Selecting Sources

Selecting and evaluating sources is about credibility - the credibility of the authors of the sources and your own credibility.  Consider the quality of the source, whether the author is trustworthy on that topic, and what the source offers (does it offer facts? an opinion? a new idea?).  

Not sure which sources are best? View this Evaluating Sources for Credibility video.

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