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ENG 1061/1070 English Composition/Effective Speaking: Health information

Getting started with background research for composition and speech topics.

Health Topics A-Z

Gale health/medical reference books

Gale Virtual Reference Library: Medicine

Includes Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine and

  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy through Adolescence
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
  • UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances

Examples of e-Reference Books

Health and Wellness Resource Center

You can see a list of diseases and conditions covered

Click the Browse Topics icon, then choose Diseases and Conditions from the drop-down menu.

Browse these resources for topics

All of these resources list topics to browse and link to full-text resources on these topics.

You can Browse Issues in CQ Researcher.  Click on a broad topic to see the list of subtopics.  Reports include links to further sources. Or use the Issue Tracker to see a long alphabetical list of topics.


Has a "Debatabase" of controversial topics,
with arguments for and against for each

Pros and cons of controversial issues

Access to quality medical info on the Internet

Mental Health Resources



What is reliable, credible health information?

Compare these websites:
Life Challenges:  Obesity
Center for Consumer Freedom
Overweight and Obesity from the CDC
World Obesity

Which are more credible?  What factors helped you decide? What is the purpose of each?