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Getting started with background research for composition and speech topics.

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Getting started with your research


1) Your challenge is NOT to find *something* on your topic, it's to find the most appropriate information–of the best quality–for your task! You won't necessarily use the first materials you find.

2) Choose a topic that's meaningful to you personally.  You'll do a better job.  See the Choosing your topic tab on this guide for many sources of ideas.

3) Use Advanced Search for more control over your search.

4)  Start your research early

  • to have time to find the best sources

  • to use interlibrary loan

  • to avoid feeling desperate and losing sleep!

What is an "academic" source? 

In general, this means a source that is...

  • written by an expert with academic credentials (degrees)
  • published by an academic publisher
  • includes references to sources consulted, including a bibliography and often in-text citations

Sources for writing help

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