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Citing Sources: APA

This guide is to help Castleton students understand the process of documenting research for college assignments

APA style guide

Pre-formatted citations

Helpful tip:  Citations formatted for you!


For any item (book, article, etc.) included in OneSearch, click on the title.  Then, you can get the citation by clicking on

on the right side of the screen.  Scroll down for different citation styles.

Click on the title of the source.  Look for a link that says "Cite" or "CiteNow" or "Citation Tools."

For pre-formatted citations for books, go to  Find the book you want to cite. Click on Cite/Export. Click on the + for the style you need (APA, MLA, etc.) Copy and paste the citation!

The free EasyBib app for iOS and Android allows you to capture bibliographic information about a book by scanning its barcode. It then generates a citation which you can email to yourself.

Also see
Citation tools

Help with APA style

APA (American Psychological Association) Style resources

Featured resources:

APA Formatting and Style Guide from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Includes a sample paper explaining all the formatting necessary (pdf).

APA Style Blog.  Answers to lots of questions about APA style, including updated info

Other resources:

Click for downloadable APA document templates for Microsoft Word

or Google APA template .doc

Video tutorial

By Wendy K. Mages, EdD.

(also see slides of tutorial)

APA Online Tutorial

Introduction (7:08)
Tutorial Features
Tutorial Outline
Why Use the APA format

Module 1: APA Formatting Basics (6:58)
Typeface and Font
Unbiased Language
Five-Heading System

Module 2: Citing Sources (10:49)
Author-Date Method
Direct Quotes
Quotes from Electronic Sources
Block Quotes

Module 3: Reference Citations in Text (7:27)
The Paragraph
Two Authors
Three to Five Authors
Six or More Authors
Studies I Didn't Read

Module 4: References (18:34)
Two Entries by the Same Author
APA Reference Style: Periodical (Journal)
APA Reference Style: Book
APA Reference Style: Book Chapter
Online Documents
PowerPoint Presentations

Help with in-text citations

Format for in-text citations, in text and parenthetical

Type of citation

First citation in text

Subsequent citations in text

 Parenthetical format, first citation in text

Parenthetical format, subsequent citations in text

 One work by one author

 Walker (2007)

 Walker (2007)

 (Walker, 2007)

 (Walker, 2007)

 One work by two authors

 Walker and Allen (2004)

Walker and Allen (2004)

(Walker & Allen, 2004)

(Walker & Allen, 2004)

 One work by three to five authors

 Bradley, Ramirez, Soo, and Walsh (2006)

Bradley et al. (2006)

(Bradley, Ramirez, Soo & Walsh, 2006)

(Bradley et al., 2006)

One work by six or more authors

Wasserstein et al. (2005)

Wasserstein et al. (2005)

(Wasserstein et al., 2005)

(Wasserstein et al., 2005)

 Groups as authors (readily identified through abbreviation)

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, 2003)

NIMH (2003)

(National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2003)

(NIMH, 2003)

 Groups as authors (no abbreviation)

University of Pittsburgh (2005)

University of Pittsburgh (2005)

(University of Pittsburgh, 2005)

(University of Pittsburgh, 2005)

Source: American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Help citing sources in databases

Citing full-text articles from online subscription databases

Look for the information you need to cite a full-text article at the top or bottom of the page, or look for an option to click to prepare the citation in multiple styles. (The link might say "Cite" or "Cite this article.") Make sure to note the name of the database. Or use a bibliographic manager, so you can export the citation directly to your personal database of sources.

In The Scott Foresman Handbook for Writers, see the section on "Sources from library subscription services" for the style you are using. (In the library reference section at REF 808.042 R929s)

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