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Careers & Post-Graduation Planning: Legal careers

Resources for learning more about careers and other next steps for Castleton University students

About this page

Information and resources for Castleton students considering a career in law

About legal careers

Preparing for a legal career
from the American Bar Association

Read about a variety of legal careers in the Occupational Outlook Handbook

See information about Lawyers as an occupation in O*Net Online from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Professional associations

Professional association websites

About law school

About opportunities through Castleton

Castleton's Pre-Law Program and Articulation with Vermont Law School

Castleton's Pre-Law Program

Castleton's Pre-Law Program equips students to gain entrance to law school and pursue a successful career in the legal profession.

Law school applicants have traditionally majored in History, Political Science, Philosophy, English, Business, or Psychology, but any major offers good preparation for pre-law students. Law schools seek undergraduates who have a liberal arts degree and possess strong skills in writing, reading, research, and problem solving. Because of the breadth and depth of Castleton’s academic program, students who are successful here are highly attractive to law schools.

Pre-law students are encouraged to join the Pre-Law Club and consult often with the Pre-Law Advisor, Professor Rich Clark. Castleton also provides many opportunities for pre-law students to participate in relevant extra-curricular activities (e.g. student government), do internships, and network with professionals in the field. 

Articulation Agreement with Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School is home to the country's top-rated environmental law program, among other specializations.

Master's Degree

Any Castleton University student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher is guaranteed admission into any Vermont Law School masters program (Master of Environmental Law & Policy, Master of Energy Regulation and Law, Master of Food and Agriculture Law & Policy).


Vermont Law School guarantees admission into their JD program to any Castleton student whose GPA and LSAT score equal or exceed the median GPA and LSAT score of the current JD class at VLS.

Castleton University—Vermont Law School 3+2 Program

Castleton University and Vermont Law School offer a dual-degree program leading to a Bachelor’s degree in three years at CU and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in two years at VLS. This 3+2 program enables highly focused students to earn both degrees and embark upon a law career in a total of five years (instead of the usual seven), thus saving much time and money. For more information, see the Law Degree page in the CU catalog.

Paralegal careers

Paralegals and Legal Assistants from O*Net (occupation information from the U.S. Dept. of Labor)

National Federation of Paralegal Associations has a Career Center

Find a Paralegal Degree Program and Career Center from the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE)

All Criminal Justice has links to Paralegal Resources

Find a law school


Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Prepare for the LSAT

from the Law School Admission Council (the body that administers the LSAT)

Includes practice tests on LawHub (the platform for the online LSAT)

Official LSAT Test Prep from Khan Academy
(in association with Law School Admission Council)

Includes free, personalized prep materials, including interactive lessons, timed practice tests, strategies, tips, and more

LSAT prep books in the CU library

Additional resources:

Some free content, some for a fee:

7Sage LSAT prep

Ebooks through CU EBSCO ebook collection