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GLB 1010: Introduction to Global Studies: Class session 1

Resources to support independent research projects for this course

Book variety activity

For the books you have:

1)  Look at the record for each book in the library catalog, especially the description. Click on "browse shelf."  Can you tell what the call number might mean?  (What books are near it with a similar call number, what subject are they all on?)

2)  Look at the table of contents in the book or in the catalog record, if there is one

3)  Research the author or editor to see if they are an academic (PhD, professor, affiliated with a university) (Google will work for this)

3)  Be ready to share, about one book per person (maybe the most interesting or relevant one or the most unusual one):

What kind of book is it?

Is it academic? 

Are sources cited? Is it from an academic publisher?  Is the author an academic?

How is it organized?

What are the contents of the book, briefly?

These words might be helpful:  memoir, anthology, graphic novel, reference book, fiction, first-person