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GLB 1010: Introduction to Global Studies: Reference sources

Resources to support independent research projects for this course

Featured resources

Examples of reference ebooks

See Credo Reference for many more

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Encyclopedia of Terrorism
REF 303.62503 K968e

Civil Wars of the World
REF 303.64 C499 (2 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Environment and Society
REF 304.203 En19 (5 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
REF 304.66303 En195 (3 volumes)

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge
REF 305.403 R765 (4 volumes)

Feminism and Women's Rights Worldwide
REF 305.42 F3497 and online
3 volumes
*Heritage, Roles and Issues
*Mental and Physical Health
*Feminism as Human Rights

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide
REF 305.4203 G856
6 volumes:
* Asia and Oceania
* Central and South America
* Middle East and North Africa
* North America and the Caribbean
* Sub-Saharan Africa
* Europe

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Factbook 2006: Economic, Environmental, and Social Statistics
REF 310 Or3

The Penguin State of the World Atlas
REF 310 Sm541p

Encyclopedia of Modern Worldwide Extremists and Extremist Groups
REF 320.5303 At535e

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
REF 322.103 En19

Human Rights Watch World Report 2007
REF 323 H88

Freedom in the World 2003: The Annual Survey of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
REF 323.4 F875

The Psychology of Resolving Global Conflicts
REF 327.172 P959
3 volumes:
* Nature vs. nurture
* Group and social factors
* Interventions

Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History
REF 327.73 G941

The WorldWatch Institute Vital Signs 2007-2008: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future
REF 333.7 V83

World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia
REF 335.603 W893

State of the World 2006: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a Sustainable Society
REF 338.9 St29

Oxford Companion to American Military History
REF 355.00973 Ox2

Global Warming in the 21st Century
REF 363.73874 J599gl (3 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change
REF 363.7387403 En19 (3 volumes)

World Criminal Justice Systems:  A Comparative Survey
REF 364 T278w

Encyclopedia of World Fashion and Dress (10 volumes)
REF 391.003 En19

Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-western Cultures
REF 503 En19

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History  (5th edition)
REF 903 B455 and online (6th edition)

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
REF 903 W893 2004

Encyclopedia of the Developing World
REF 909.0972403 En197

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
REF 909.097671

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History: From 1900 to the Present Day
REF 909.8203 P185d

Encyclopedia of Asian History
REF 950 En19

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
REF 950.03 En196

China Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the People's Republic
REF 951.0503 C441

Encyclopedia of India
REF 954.003 En195

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
REF 956.003 En197

REF 960.03 Af839

Encyclopedia of African History
REF 960.03 En193

Encyclopedia of International Sports Studies
REF 796.03 En195

Quick search

Credo Reference

Searches ebook reference sources in Castleton's Credo Reference collection. Direct links to full-text entries from over 900 published reference books.

Subscription resource. Log-in required for off-campus access.

Background on world history

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History

"An integrated view of the history of our global community from a 21st-century perspective,
with a focus on environmental and social issues"

Ebook. Subscription resource.  Log-in required for off-campus access.

Map and atlases

Google Maps

Concise Atlas of World History (Ebook--subscription resource.  Log-in required for off-campus access)

Encyclopedia of Global Studies

OECD Social Indicators


For more OECD documents, see the OECD iLibrary

Year in review

Statesman's Yearbook

Includes detailed information on the government and economy of all countries. Published annually.
REF 310 St29

Sources on regions and countries

Also see the Places/Cultures tab
on this guide for reference resources on countries, regions, and cultures.

World constitutions

Constitute: The World's Constitutions to Read, Search, and Compare, from the Comparative Constitutions Project

Sources of data

United Nations Statistical Yearbook
Aims to "provide in a single volume a comprehensive compilation of internationally available statistics on social and economic conditions and activities, at world, regional and national levels, covering a ten-year period to the extent possible."

International Data Base from the U.S. Census Bureau
Demographic data on countries and areas of the world with populations of 5000 or more.

International Monetary Fund eLibrary
Data and publications on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade and aid, technical assistance, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction, and more.

Watchdog organizations

Transparency International

"Gives voice to the victims and witnesses of together with governments, businesses and citizens to stop the abuse of power, bribery and secret deals." Chapters in more than 100 countries.

From the US government

Central Intelligence Agency
Website of the CIA contains many documents, reports, videos, and other information created or released for public dissemination.