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EDU 1012: Education Inquiry: Class session

Resources for Inquiry 1 students

Looking at journals

Scavenger hunt

In pairs, find these things in one of the periodicals you have

1)  An author's credentials that include affiliation with a university outside the U.S.

2)  A book review

3)  Look at the references at the end of an article.  Use the Journal Titles A-Z list and search for each article until you find one that is available full-text through CU.  Print out the first page.

4)  Find information in the front or back of a journal that indicates it is peer-reviewed

5)  An article with an idea that is new to you and interesting.

6)  In an article reporting on original research, find the methodology section.


A) An article reporting a research study using quantitative methods

B) An article reporting a research study using qualitative methods