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POS 2510 Research Methods: More Resources

Guide to support Clark's Research Methods course.

Professional Association

Conversation within Political Science

Scholars and experts in Political Science regularly information through journal articles and books.  Some popular journals include:

Have a Citation?

If you have a citation and want the full-text, search our Journals A-Z for the title of the journal where the article is published:

Also a source for full-text

Literature Reviews

A literature review (also called a research review or review of the literature) is a summary of existing research on a topic. It reviews the scholarly "literature" on that topic.  It is often a preliminary part of a publication where the author identifies and comments on the relevant previous research, but it can also be a stand-alone work. 

To find literature reviews articles, you can:

  • Add "literature review" OR "review of the literature" to your searches.

    Screencapture of Advanced Search with "Literature Review" OR "Review of the Literature" added as fields
  • See the suggested terms in OneSearch that pop up when you start typing literature review, like literature review or review of the literature or overview or systematic review or meta analysis

  • Use an Advanced Search in one of the library's databases that has journal articles.  An Advanced Search screen will often allow you to select "Literature Review" as a document type to filter your search (be sure not to select "Review", as that will only get you critical reviews of books, articles, movies, etc.)
    Screencapture of Advanced Search screen with Document Type options


Pro tip: Use the Advanced Search feature to add the phrase literature n5 review* to your keyword(s). This search looks for the words literature, review, reviewer, reviews, reviewing within 5 words of each other in any order.

In an individual database, you can choose Literature Review as the Document Type in an Advanced Search, as in ProQuest Central:

Ferris, Dan, Ron Hayduk, Richards Alyscia, Emma Strauss Schubert, and Mary Acri. 2020. Noncitizen voting rights in the global era: A literature review and analysis. Journal of International Migration and Integration 21, (3) (09): 949-971, (accessed February 3, 2022).

David, E. J. R., Tiera M. Schroeder, and Jessicaanne Fernandez. 2019. “Internalized Racism: A Systematic Review of the Psychological Literature on Racism’s Most Insidious Consequence.” Journal of Social Issues 75 (4): 1057–86. doi:10.1111/josi.12350.

Public Opinion & Social Research

Political Science News

NewsFeed from the Annual Review of Political Science

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Locating full-text

To locate the text of an article:


In a research database or Castleton OneSearch, look for a link to "HTML Full Text" or "PDF Full Text" or "Full text"

If none of those is available, look for one of these to click:

Full Text Finder or Where can I get this or View Record at ...

On the next screen, look for a link to the article, possibly in another database

If Castleton has the journal in its print collection, pay attention to the date of the article and the date of our holdings, and whether the issue you want is available in print, microfiche, or microfilm.  Ask any library staff or student worker for help locating these.

If full-text isn't available, look for a link to request the item through interlibrary loan

Fill out your information using your Castleton email.  You will get a response by email.

If you have a citation for a periodical article (journal, magazine, or news) and want to locate full-text, search the Journal Titles A-Z list to see if the library has access to the periodical through a database or a print subscription.

If not, use the Journal Article Request Form link from the Interlibrary loans page on the library website to request the full-text through interlibrary loan.

If you make an interlibrary loan request, keep an eye on your Castleton email for the article or a response.

You may get the article the next day, but it could take a week or two. 

Another suggestion for searching for full-text

Google Scholar links to some full-text not available through Castleton's subscriptions. Paste the article title into the Google Scholar search box and look for a link to full-text on the right.

Google Scholar Search