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High School Visits: Choosing a topic

Resources to use with visiting high school groups

About choosing a topic

Video from North Carolina State University Libraries


Click on the image below to get to a brief activity deciding whether a topic is too broad, too narrow, or just right.


Tips for successful topic-choosing
for research assignments

1) Make sure you understand the assignment and all the requirements.  Read the assignment handout more than once.  Bring it with you to the library!

2)  Choose a topic that is interesting to you and will be fresh for you and your audience.  What is something that might be useful or interesting for you to know more about?  An issue in your community?  Something related to a career of interest?

3)  Be flexible.  Your original idea will probably morph several times before you are done, based on the information you find or don't find.  You may need to broaden or narrow your topic.  You may need to be flexible about the language you use for your topic, based on the searching and reading you do as you start your research.

4)  Start reading.  The more you know, the easier it will be to refine your topic and know what terms to search for.