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Art & Art History Subject Guide: Learn More about Art/Art History

Guide to researching art and art history topics.

Conversation within Art and Art History

Scholars and experts in art and art history regularly sharer information through listservs.

Here is one of the most popular:

Hot Topics in Art

To find reviews of artists' exhibits:

In OneSearch or another database, in an advanced search, put in the artist's name and art review

Some e-reference books for biographical information

In the catalog, you can browse under the subject heading

See the items under this heading, related headings, and subheadings.

Browse in the library in Reference and in the stacks:

770 - 779

Suggested search

More Best Bets

To browse art books see 700-799 in the stacks and reference. 




Landscaping & Area Planning




Sculpture, Ceramics & Metalwork


Drawing & Decorative Arts




Graphic Arts



Click below for a more detailed list of Dewey Decimal numbers for all topics in art:

Search for articles, books and more...

To locate the text of an article:


In a research database or Castleton OneSearch, look for a link to "HTML Full Text" or "PDF Full Text" or "Full text"

If none of those is available, look for one of these to click:

Full Text Finder or Where can I get this or View Record at ...

On the next screen, look for a link to the article, possibly in another database

If Castleton has the journal in its print collection, pay attention to the date of the article and the date of our holdings, and whether the issue you want is available in print, microfiche, or microfilm.  Ask any library staff or student worker for help locating these.

If full-text isn't available, look for a link to request the item through interlibrary loan

Fill out your information using your Castleton email.  You will get a response by email.

If you have a citation for a periodical article (journal, magazine, or news) and want to locate full-text, search the Journal Titles A-Z list to see if the library has access to the periodical through a database or a print subscription.

If not, use the Journal Article Request Form link from the Interlibrary loans page on the library website to request the full-text through interlibrary loan.

If you make an interlibrary loan request, keep an eye on your Castleton email for the article or a response.

You may get the article the next day, but it could take a week or two. 

Another suggestion for searching for full-text

Google Scholar links to some full-text not available through Castleton's subscriptions. Paste the article title into the Google Scholar search box and look for a link to full-text on the right.

Examples of art reference books:

(Also see print books in Reference 700-799)

Top Journals

These titles in print in the library.  Click for website, full text in the library as indicated.

Art New England (Current 12 months)

Art News (1963-current)