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Fake News and "Post-Truth": Resources for Citizens, Students and Educators: Further reading

Resources to extend Post-Truth panel series discussion

Defending science

I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For by Jonathan Foley, executive director, California Academy of Sciences

Trump's lies

From the New York Times: 

Trump's Lies (a list)

About college students and info savvy

Academic papers

Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election
by Hunt Allcott, New York University and NBER ∗ Matthew Gentzkow, Stanford University and NBER
January 2017

Confronting Confirmation Bias: Giving Truth a Fighting Chance in the Information Age by Alan C. Miller

From a global perspective

Fake News is a Red Herring by Ethan Zuckerman
"Fake news, propaganda and "disinformatzya" are changing the media landscape - in the US, Russia and Turkey and across the world. The question is how to combat them."

A report

Political Polarization & Media Habits from Pew Research Center