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News Literacy: Resources for Citizens, Students and Educators: Home

Resources to extend Post-Truth panel series discussion

Resources for learning and teaching about being a savvy news consumer and informed citizen

Short instructional videos

From Channel 4 News in the UK (2 minutes)

Fake news quiz

Fake News Quiz: Factitious

Test your ability to detect fake news. 

From American University's Journalism Leadership Transformation program

Video illustrating the choice not to share

Fact-checking help

Not sure if something is true?  Check it out! from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Politifact from the Tampa Bay Times
"Fact-checking U.S. Politics"

Fact Checker from the Washington Post
"The Truth Behind the Rhetoric"

RumorGuard from the The News Literacy Project
"Each fact-checked viral rumor contains concrete tips to help you build your news literacy foundation and confidently evaluate claims you see online."

An independent website covering urban legends, Internet rumors, and other stories of questionable origin. Helpful for validating and debunking stories in popular culture.  Cites sources for decisions made, i.e., true, false or mixed.

More fact-checking resources from the Center for Responsive Politics
Provides data and analysis about money in politics

Politifact's list of fake news sites