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TEMPLATE: Research Guide Subject Focus: Learn More about (Subject)

Guide to researching SUBJECT topics.

Conversation within (Subject)

Scholars and experts in (Subject) regularly information through (main forms of sharing - ex. journal articles, books - link to definition if appropriate).

(Max of 5 links - added as Links).

Professional Associations

(Max of 5 links added as Links.)

More Best Bets

Max of 5 sources per tab, added as Books from the Catalog, Databases or Links.

Max of 5 tabs.

Hot Topics in (Subject)

Max of 5 sources per tab. Max of 5 tabs.

Top Journals or News

(Max of 5 periodicals (added as Links) or 1 feed.)

Interactive Content

Consider embedding a video, adding audio or an image, or creating a quick poll (LibWizard) to increase interactivity.

Your Librarian

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