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Library Strategic Plan: Phase Two: Gathering

Information about the Library's Strategic Plan and planning initiative

Phase Two: Gathering


The gathering of data and stakeholder input has been completed.  Please see detailed information about each step below.

  • Data Compilation (through Fall 2016): Completed
    • In Fall 2016, the Library implemented several new procedures and systems to capture more useful data about the usage of the library's space and services.  Library faculty and staff are in the process of reviewing this data as it is collected, along with reviewing already existing data sources on collection and service usage.
  • Stakeholder Input: Completed
    • Library Faculty and Staff Input via SOAR Activities: Completed
      • Library faculty and staff participated in a SOAR activity on October 20, 2016 to develop an understanding of our Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results.  The top ideas were compiled and the library's faculty staff voted for those that were most important.
    • Student Input via “14 Days to Have Your Say”: Completed
      • The two-week feedback period ended November 22nd and a compilation of responses has been published. 
    • Faculty and Staff Input via Survey: Completed
      • A survey was sent to Castleton Faculty and Staff on November 9th.  The survey is now closed and a compilation of responses has been published. 


Responses from the 14 Days to Have Your Say initiative and the Faculty and Staff Survey:

Wordle based on 14 Days responses.

Stakeholder Input: Library Faculty and Staff 

The following Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results rose to the top after our SOAR Activity.

SOAR results