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Open Educational Resources (OER): Why OER?

Guide to resources about OER and for finding OER. Based on Heather Blicher's OER guide for NOVA (

Open Education Group

The Open Education Group is an interdisciplinary research group that (1) conducts original, rigorous empirical research on the impact of OER adoption on a range of educational outcomes and (2) designs and shares methodological and conceptual frameworks for studying the impact of OER adoption.  See some of their publications and their review of empirical research on the impacts of OER adoption.

OER Textbook Use

 ‚Äč“The Affordable College Textbook Act seeks to expand the use of open textbooks on college campuses, providing affordable alternatives to traditional textbooks and keeping prices lower.”

The Act states, “The solution to skyrocketing textbook prices is to leverage today’s technology to reduce costs and expand access."

Excerpt from The Affordable College Textbook Act, S. 1704 (Durbin-Franken) and H.R. 3538 (Hinojosa-Miller.

VSC Libraries Statement

Read the VSC Library Council's Statement on OER:

Screenshot of VSC Library Council OER Statement page

"A Classroom Revolution"

This video explains the “classroom revolution” of OER and hints at the possibilities available.

This video was created by Laura Rachfalski (3:05) and won second place in a U.S. Department of Education video contest.  The video is licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution CC BY 3.0 US.

The Big Picture

This video explains the "big picture" of OER including how content can be shared, reused, and remixed by educators.

This video was created by Nadia Paola Mireles Torres and won third prize in a recent U.S. Department of Education video contestThe video is licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution CC BY 3.0 US.