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EDU 4031: Educational Collaborations

Guide for Brown & Slonaker's EDU 4031: Educational Collaborations course


Screenshot from Education Research Prezi


Take a look at an education publication.  Do you see any of these kinds of articles?

  • report of new research
    • quantitative research (data includes numbers! results quantifiable)
    • qualitative research (focus group, interviews, etc.)
  • literature review (review of previous research)
  • book review
  • lesson plan or unit

Click on the poll below.  Looking at a publications, select the kinds of articles you can identify (in the list above).  Let's see which kinds are easiest to identify or most common.  How many as a class can we identify in a few minutes?

Educational Publications
Quantitative Research: 14 votes (35.9%)
Qualitative Research: 13 votes (33.33%)
Literature Review: 8 votes (20.51%)
Book Review: 3 votes (7.69%)
Lesson Plan: 1 votes (2.56%)
Total Votes: 39