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THA 2011 and 2012 Theater History: Finding books

Resources for Castleton's theater history courses

Books in the Library

Useful call numbers

790s–Recreational and performing arts

791      Public performances (including film, radio, TV)
792     Stage presentations
(lots here!)
792.09   Theater history


808     Rhetoric & collections of literature
808.8245     Monologues
809.2     Drama as literature
812     American drama in English
(lots of plays to browse)
822     English drama
822.33     Shakespeare


Using the catalog

Browse books in the Castleton Library on theater history topics

Browse in the stacks at: 

Try these subject terms in your search:

  • Performing Arts
  • Theater (works of drama as acted on the stage)
  • Drama (works of drama as a literary form)
  • Theater and society
  • American drama
  • English drama
  • Musical theater
  • Musicals
  • Theater history
  • Drama technique

For items on theater of a particular country or place

Theater country/region Theater country/region History
Theater England
Theater England History

Books in the library

Some examples of relevant books in the CU library