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Geography for Teachers: Citation and Plagiarism

This libguide contains all information necessary to refine one's pedagogy with respect to geography education and Common Core implementation.

Citing Maps

MLA (Modern Language Association) Example:

7th edition: In general, treat a map or chart like an article or book, but add the appropriate label (Map, Chart).  Example of a map in an atlas:

"Allied Occupaton Zones."  Map.  Atlas of American History.  By Robert H. Ferrell

and Richard Natkiel.  New York: Facts On File, 1993. 152. Print.

Citing Online Maps

Historical Map Digitized on the Web:

"Boston 1630-1675.  The Original Topography and Early Settlement Together with the Present Shore Line."  Map.

From the Report on the Social Statistics of Cities.  Compiled by George E. Waring, Jr., United States.  Census Office, Part I, 1886. Web. 24 May 2008.

Plagiarism: How to Avoid It