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HIS 2210: History of Women in the U.S.: Reference sources

Information resources to support independent research for the Castleton University course, "United States Women's History"

Encyclopedias, handbooks, guides

Handbook of American Women’s History
REF 305.4 Z76h

Women in Early America: Struggle, Survival, and Freedom in a New World
REF 305.40973 M455w

Black Women in America (2 volumes)
REF 305.48896073 B561

Notable American Women, 1607-1950
REF 920.72 J232n

Notable American Women: the Modern Period
REF 920.72 J232nm

Women During the Civil War: An Encyclopedia
REF 973.7082 H232W

Women in the American Civil War (2 volumes)
REF 973.708203 W842

Key resources for women in world history:

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History  (4 volumes)
REF 305.4203 Ox25

Women in World History  (17 volumes)
REF 305.4203 W842

Quick reference


Chronology of Women Worldwide: People, Places & Events That Changed Women's History
REF 305.409 C468

What American Women Did, 1789-1920:  A Year by Year Reference
REF 305.409 C793w

The Timetables of Women's History
REF 305.409 G853t

Chronology of Women's History
REF 305.409 Ol8c

American Women Through Time from Ken Middleton, author of American Women's History: A Research Guide and Discovering American Women's History Online Includes links to other timelines.

Timeline: Through the Centuries from Britannica Online


Women in American History:  A Bibliography (2 volumes)
REF 305.4016 H245w

For young people


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Documentary sources