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Locating Psychological Tests: Mental Measurements Yearbook & Tests in Print

How to use the Mental Measurements Yearbook

  1. If you know the title of the test, use the alphabetical page headings to go directly to the test entry.
  2. If you do not know, cannot find, or are unsure of the title of a test, consult the Index of Titles for possible variants of the title, or consult the appropriate subject area of the Classified Subject Index for other possible leads or for similar or related tests in the same area.
  3. If you know the author of the test, consult the Index of Names and look up the author's titles until you find the test you want.
  4. If you know the test publisher, consult the Publishers Directory and Index and look up the publisher's titles until you find the test you want.
  5. If you are looking for a test that yields a particular kind of score, look up the score in the Score Index and locate the test or tests that include that score.
  6. Once you have found the test or tests you are looking for, read the descriptive entries for these tests carefully so that you can take advantage of the information provided.
  7. Read the test reviews carefully. The information and evaluation contained in these reviews are meant to assist test consumers in making well-informed decisions about the choice and applications of tests.
  8. Once you have read the descriptive information and test reviews, you may want to order a specimen set for a particular test so that you can examine it firsthand. The Publishers Directory and Index has the address information needed to obtain specimen sets or catalogs.

More info at the Buros Center for Testing website