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Locating Psychological Tests: Finding a Specific Test by Name

Find a Test by Name

If you know the name of the test...

It is important to find out if the test is available for free or for a fee (commercially published test).

  • Sometimes well-known tests are commercially published tests, meaning that each test has to be purchased.

To find out if a test is only available commercially, search for your test online using the Mental Measurements Yearbook database.

If your test is reviewed in Mental Measurements Yearbook, it needs to be purchased. Consider other options if you don't want to purchase a test:

  1. Look through the library's test books located in the Reference stacks (see the Books on Tests and Measures tab on this guide).
  2. Search the journal literature using PsycINFO (see the Locate a Test using PsycINFO page on this guide).

If the test is not found in the MMY database it may be available in books with tests, in journal articles, or in dissertations.  Try the following steps:

  • Find out if the test is in a book.
    1. Search this site: Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests available in Compilation Volumes.
      This site gives you a list of tests available in books. Type the name of the test in quotations in the search box, and the results will display titles of books that have a copy of the test.
    2. Check the Library Catalog to see if we own a copy of the book.  Also see the Books on Tests and Measures tab on this guide for available books.
  • Search the literature using PsycINFO.