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World History Subject Guide (archived): Finding books

Using the VSC online catalog

Use the Calvin Coolidge Library Catalog
to browse or search for books and more
in the holdings of the VSC libraries.

Example subject terms:

Africa history
China history
Europe history
Latin America history
Middle East history

Subject headings for the history of individual countries or regions are in this format:

name of country history (subdivisions are chronological)

for example:  India history

 Also try: name of country civilization

for example:   China civilization

Or try using the subdivision ” ... name of country history” under another subject (i.e. search Sports United States History as a subject).

Or try a keyword search–especially useful for more precise searching. Examples:

paleolithic art
plague AND europe
egypt* AND pyramid*
africa* AND (electricity OR energy)

[* is a “wildcard” symbol that tells the system to find the given word as well as that word with any endings. So, “egypt*” will find “egypt,” “egytian,” and “egyptology.”]

For browsing purposes, see these areas in Reference or in the stacks:

930 History of the ancient world (to ca. 499)
940 History of Europe
950 History of Asia
960 History of Africa
970 History of North America
980 History of South America
990 History of other areas

Click below for a breakdown of the Dewey decimal numbers for history (PDF)

Using the VSC catalog

Use the Library Catalog to search for books and more.

Searching by keyword (called "All Fields" in new online catalog)


Choose the most significant concepts for your search.  Put "and" between them.  Click on Find button or hit enter.


For example:

Searching by subject

Put your subject term in the basic search box, and select Subject from the drop-down menu. 

For example:

If you don't get results, try an Advanced Search.

For example:

Then, put in your topic as a subject.  Add a keyword for a more focused search.

Click on a title to learn more about the item and where it's located.

To place an interlibrary loan request for a book or audiovisual item found at another college in the Vermont State Colleges Online Catalog:

  • Click on the book's title
  • Click on "Place A Request" in the Holdings tab.

You'll receive the book in approximately one week if it's available.  You'll get a message in your Castleton email when it arrives.

Recommended books

See a list of books recommended by the World History Association

Other sources for books

Searching for books beyond Vermont State College libraries' holdings

Worldcat is a very large union catalog that includes the holdings of most U.S. academic libraries.

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>


Google Book Search

Google Books permits searching the full content of some books. Books in the public domain (not copyright protected) are available online.

Interlibrary loan, to obtain books not available in a VSC library:

If you find a book (or other item) of interest that the VSC libraries don't own, you can request it through interlibrary loan. 

Click on Search Other Libraries here or within the library catalog

Find the book you want and click on  

Then log in and make the request.  Pay attention to your Castleton email for follow-up.


You can browse Castleton's EBSCO ebook collection,
browse a list of books on history or search the ebook collection.

(Subscription resource. Log-in required for off-campus access.)


An example title:

Environment in World History

Specific books

Boolean operators