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World History Subject Guide (archived): Reference sources


Concise Atlas of World History
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Historical map websites, list from the University of Texas libraries

TimeMap of World History, map-based history timelines, now offering apps

Old Maps Online, a gateway to historical maps online

Map History/History of Cartography gateway

How others see the U.S.

Global Perspectives on the United States

Online version of a 2-volume set, from Berkshire Publishing. Compelling essays analyzing core characteristics of the United States, crucial historical events, US policies and programs, and cultural phenomena such as religion and pop culture.

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
REF 305.4203 Ox25

Women in World History
REF 305.4203 W842

World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia
REF 335.603 W893

Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-western Cultures
REF 503 En19

Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence: From Ancient Times to the Present
REF 614.403 En19 2008

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History
REF 903 B455

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
REF 903 W893 2004

Dictionary of the Middle Ages
REF 909.07 St82d

Encyclopedia of the Age of Imperialism, 1800-1914
REF 909.8103 En19

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History: From 1900 to the Present Day
REF 909.8203 P185d

Great Lives from History. The Ancient World, Prehistory-476 C.E.
920.03 G798 and online

Great Events from History: The Ancient World, Prehistory-476 C.E.
930 G798 and online

Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology
REF 930.103 F317e

Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
REF 939.4 C499

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
REF 940.21 Si137h

Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era
REF 941.08103 En197

Encyclopedia of Asian History
REF 950 En19

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
REF 950.03 En196

Encyclopedia of India
REF 954.003 En195

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
REF 956.003 En197

REF 960.03 Af839

Encyclopedia of African History
REF 960.03 En193


Statistical sources

International Historical Statistics
REF 317 N692i

Key resources

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Credo Reference

Searches ebook reference sources in Castleton's Credo Reference collection. Direct links to full-text entries from over 900 published reference books.

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Featured resource

TimeMap and Atlas of World History
Shows changes over time on a map.  Clickable regions to learn more.

The Timetables of History
REF 902.02 G923t

New York Public Library Book of Chronologies
REF 902.02 W535n

Smithsonian Timelines of the Ancient World
Oversize 930.02 Sm69

British History Timeline from the BBC


Subscription resource--log-in required for off-campus access:


People's Chronology
A Year-by-Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the early 2000s



Facts on File Yearbook 1968-
REF 904 F119

Digital encyclopedia

Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, by the Foundation of the Hellenic World. Three volumes:  Asia Minor, Black Sea, and Constantinople

Research guides and directories

Reference Sources in History: An Introductory Guide
REF 901.6 F919r

The Information-Literate Historian: A Guide to Research for History Students
REF 907.2 P926i

History of technologies

A History of Technology (Oxford University Press)

Very detailed, chronological history of all kinds of technologies from basketry to irrigation to ship-building to bridges. Published in 1954, so a dated perspective, but still much valuable info.  Covers "early times" to 1900.

Location: Stacks 609 Si64h  (5 volumes)

v. 1. From early times to fall of ancient empires
v. 2. The Mediterranean civilizations and the Middle Ages, c. 700 B.C. to c. A.D. 1500
v. 3. From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, c 1500 -c 1750
v. 4. The Industrial Revolution, c 1750 to c 1850
v. 5. the late nineteenth century, c 1850 to c 1900