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Education Subject Guide (archived): Finding books

Resources for research in the field of education

Books at other VSC libraries

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Browsing by subject

Education-related subject headings

In the Castleton Library Catalog, see the titles listed for each subject heading, as well as the related headings and subheadings. Some useful subject terms:

Classroom management
Education Elementary
Education Secondary
Middle School Education
Physical Education and Training
School Management and Organization

Another set of subject headings that might be useful:  Use Study and teaching as a subdivision under a subject to find books on teaching that subject.  For example:

English Language Study and teaching
History Study and teaching
Language and Languages Study and teaching
Mathematics Study and teaching
Science Study and teaching

Social Sciences--Study and teaching

For browsing

370 Education
371 Schools & their activities; special education
371.9 Special education
372 Elementary education
372.6 Literacy
373 Secondary education
374 Adult education
375 Curricula
378 Higher education
379 Public policy issues in education
428 Teaching language arts (and 372.6)
507.1 Teaching science (and 372.35044)
510.71 Teaching math (and 372.7)
907 Teaching history (and 372.89)

Search strategies

Example Boolean search

Notice the parentheses around the or phrase and the truncation

child* and (television or TV or television viewing) and violen*

Keyword searching help

Example of a keyword search built using Keyword Builder

Interlibrary loan

To Request a Book or Audiovisual Materials

To place a request for a book or audiovisual item found in the Library Catalog, at another VSC library, click on "Place Request" or "Place hold" within the item view.  

For books and audiovisual materials not available in the VSC library system, search WorldCat (or click Search Other Libraries within the library catalog) for the item and click on the Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button. Or log in to the library's Interlibrary Loan System using your Portal username and password, and request the item there.

For questions about interlibrary loan policies and procedures, contact Franny Ryan at (802) 468-1359.

Government research publications

Education publications from the National Academies Press

"Research areas include education reform, teachers and instruction, and higher education and training. Through studies, reports, workshops, and other activities this research focuses on the most critical issues facing education: standards, teaching, technology, preparation of youth for productive futures, and the improvement of educational research."

Publications are available as PDF downloads.

A strategy

One strategy: Use an advanced search to find a subject term

Try some of your keywords in an advanced search.

Find an item in your results that is on target.  Look at the subject terms for that item.

For example:

Then, use that helpful subject term in a search.