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HIS 3475: Women and Gender in African History: Reference sources

Resources for the study of the history of women and gender issues in Africa


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Biographical sources

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
REF 305.4203 Ox25

Women in World History
REF 305.4203 W842

Great Lives from History. The Ancient World, Prehistory-476 C.E.
920.03 G798 and online

Current Biography Yearbook
REF 920 C936b

World history reference

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History
(click to access the encyclopedia online)

"An integrated view of the history of our global community from a 21st-century perspective,
with a focus on environmental and social issues"

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Reference sources on other guides

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Relevant reference sources

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women
REF  305.403 (4 volumes)

Historical Dictionary of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
REF 305.4096703 Sh434h

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History
REF 305.4203 (4 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures
REF 305.4869703 (3 volumes)

Useful textbook

Countries and ethnic groups

CIA World Factbook

Provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Country Pages or Fact Sheets or Policy Issues
on individual countries, featuring U.S. relations with the country, from the U.S. Department of State

The United States Institute of Peace posts information on the countries where it currently works.

Cassell's Peoples, Nations and Cultures
Full text of this "historical guide to some of the world's peoples, from the earliest times to the present."

Subscription resource.  Login required for off-campus access.

Book of Peoples of the World: A Guide to Cultures
REF 305.8 B6445

Native Peoples of the World
REF 305.8003 N21

Europa World Yearbook
Offers an in-depth assessment of a country's recent political history and relations with other countries

REF 341.184 Eu74

Financial Times World Desk Reference
Maps, charts and diagrams, and facts and statistics on the world's nations. Ebook from DK.
Subscription resource. Login required for off-campus access.

Geography of the World
Full text of this DK reference book

Subscription resource. Login required for off-campus access.

Statesman's Yearbook
Annual publication with detailed information on government and economy of each country.
REF 310 St29

Reference sources

African history reference sources in the library:

Multi-volume, featured sources


Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African-American Experience
REF 960.03 Af839 (5 volumes)

Encyclopedia of African History
REF 960.03 En193 (3 volumes) (also online)

UNESCO General History of Africa
REF 960 G286 (8 volumes)

1. Methodology and African prehistory
2. Ancient civilizations of Africa
3. Africa from the seventh to the eleventh century
4. Africa from the twelfth to the sixteenth century
5. Africa from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century
6. Africa in the nineteenth century until the 1880s
7. Africa under colonial domination 1880-1935
8. Africa since 1935.

Other African history reference sources

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa
REF 960.2 En19

Other relevant reference sources in the library

African Folklore:  An Encyclopedia
REF 398.09603 Af836a

Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World
REF 930.03 En19

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa
REF 956.003 En197

Reference Guide to Africa: A Bibliography of Sources
REF 960.016 R259

Encyclopedia of South Africa
REF 968.003 En19

Refugees' cultural background

The Cultural Orientation Resource Center offers Culture Profiles for some refugee groups in the U.S., including:  Somalis, Sudanese, Liberians, Eritreans, Kunama, Burundians, Tutsis.