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BIO 1121 Lab: Home

Is this a Scholarly Journal Article?

Primary v Review

­­­­­­­­­Primary Research Articles

Review Articles

  • AKA: Original Research
  • Report the results of a study/experiment.
  • Details how the author(s) conducted the experiment and why.
  • Relates the current study to the work of others.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the data collected during the study.
  • Article contains the following sections:

Methods (and Materials)

Results (with charts, graphs, etc.)


  • AKA: Literature Review
  • Is an analysis or summary of existing research on a specific topic.
  • Reviews a collection of original research articles.
  • Content is organized thematically.
  • Present an overview of what has been studied.
  • Does not contain the following sections: Methods, Results, Discussion







Source Identification