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Library Advisory Board

Information about the Calvin Coolidge Library Advisory Board


The Library Advisory Board was established in Fall 2016 by the Castleton Student Government Association and the Calvin Coolidge Library.  With goals of strengthening the bond between Castleton students and the library's administration, and offering a pathway for students to provide feedback to the Library, the Advisory Board meets monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters.  

2016-2017 Board Members:

  • Committee Leader: Susan Gay, Student Government Associate Delegate
  • Emma Blaiklock, Student Government Associate Member
  • Cheyenne Borthwick
  • Elisabeth Budde 
  • Breanna Morse, Student Government Associate Member
  • Mariah K O'Hara, Graduate Student, Student Government Associate Member
  • Cassandra Simmons
  • James Wolf
  • Advisor: Jami Yazdani, Director of Library Services

Upcoming Meetings:

  • (meetings will resume in Fall 2017)