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Strategic Plan: Phase Five: Implementation

Information about the Library's Strategic Plan and planning initiative

Phase Five: Implementation


An implementation plan for 2017-2018, including measurable outcomes, was drafted in Summer 2017.  Progress towards individual outcomes will be posted as outcomes are achieved or as there are substantive updates.  The implementation plan will be reviewed and revised as needed in Summer 2018.

Implementation Plan

Calvin Coolidge Library Strategic Plan

2017-2018 Implementation

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

Strategic Priorities

  1. Ensure access to current and relevant collections to support research, teaching and learning, and civic engagement.
    1. Maintain the currency and relevancy of our physical collections through regular and thorough collection analysis and deselection.
      1. Reduce the Reference Collection and increase use of Reference items by identifying titles for deselection and titles to be moved to the Circulating Collection.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Titles selected for Circulating and discard
        • By: September 2017
        • Progress: Completed
      2. Develop and apply standard and rule-based criteria for deselection.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Deselection Criteria
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed - Deselection Criteria were developed and approved by the Reference Librarians in July 2017.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Apply deselection criteria to first third of the Circulating Collection
        • By: August 2018
        • Progress: Deselection began in Fall 2017 on the 1st third of the collection.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Apply deselection criteria to second third of the Circulating Collection
        • By: August 2019
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Apply deselection criteria to final third of the Circulating Collection
        • By: August 2020
      3. Develop plan for broadening the Casual Collection to include popular periodicals.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Plan
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: Completed - A pilot move of current issues of 16 titles has been implemented - those titles are now located near the Casual Collection
    2. Explore options for sharing additional database subscriptions with other Vermont State Colleges libraries.
      1. Update list of subscriptions and discuss database sharing with VSC Library Council.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Discussion item added to Library Council meeting agenda
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: The Director of Library Services has tabled adding this agenda item until the Johnson and Lyndon merger is complete.
    3. Fully participate in the selection and implementation of a new integrated library system for the Vermont State Colleges libraries.
      1. Develop list of reports to be pulled from existing system.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: List of Reports
        • By: January 2018
        • Progress: A list of reports is being developed.
      2. Participate in RFP and system selection process.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Service on RFP Committee
        • By: October 2017
        • Progress: Completed - Franny Ryan and Jami Yazdani served on the RFP Committee and participated in the selection of the new system.  System implementation is expected in Summer 2018.
    4. Continue to support the Archives Working Group in increasing access to and awareness of the library’s archival and special collections.
      1. Develop funding proposal for archives digitization project.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Funding Proposal
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed - A funding proposal was drafted and provided to Advancement Services in July 2017.
      2. Maintain library’s active involvement in the Archives Working Group.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Archives Working Group meeting attendance
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: Library faculty and staff are attending 2017-2018 meetings.
  2. Invest in user-centered library spaces.
    1. Assess the condition and usage of our existing space and solicit feedback on space needs.
      1. Develop a profile of the library’s public spaces and track space usage.
        • Assessment/Deliverable:  Space profile and updated map
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: The library map has been updated and a space profile has been completed.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Implement SUMA for tracking space usage in Spring 2018
        • By: March 2018
        • Progress: SUMA been installed and will be used for tracking starting in March 2018.
      2. Work with the Library Advisory Board to implement a “14 Days to Have Your Say” initiative in Spring 2018 focused on space needs and feedback.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Completion of “14 Days to Have Your Say” initiative
        • By: April 2018
        • Progress: A survey is being developed in partnership with SGA.
      3. Assemble an internal Space Committee to assess the condition of the public and staff spaces and make recommendations for improvements.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Space Committee convened
        • By: July 2017
        • Progress: Completed - The committee was convened in July 2017 and met several times in Summer 2017.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: List of space recommendations
        • By: June 2018
    2. Explore additional options for offering food and beverages in the library.
      1. Include questions about food and beverage options in “14 Days to Have Your Say” initiative.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Completion of “14 Days to Have Your Say” initiative.
        • By: April 2018
        • Progress: A survey including a food and beverage question is being developed in partnership with SGA.
      2. Discuss food and beverage options with Sodexho and Student Life representatives
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Meetings with Sodexho and Student Life
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: A snack machine was installed in the library in August 2017.
    3. Implement an online system for booking library conference rooms. 
      1. Implement the LibCal scheduling system for booking library conference/group study rooms.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: LibCal implemented for Fall 2017
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Survey of LibCal users in Fall 2017
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: Completed - An online survey was sent to LibCal room reservation users on December 5, 2017. Results are available at
    4. Expand event offerings and the library’s social media presence to increase engagement with faculty and staff, students, and members of the broader community.
      1. Setup and post at least once a week to Facebook and Instagram accounts for the library.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Account Activations
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Setup Completed - Facebook & Instagram
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Weekly Posts
        • By: May 2018
      2. Setup and post at 10 times a semester to a library news blog.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Blog setup
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Setup Completed
        • Assessment/Deliverable: 20 Posts
        • By: May 2018
      3. Host three events during the 2017-2018 academic year, including one event that includes the broader community.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Events held
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: (1) Library Mini-golf was held for the broader community as part of Homecoming on September 15 & 16, 2017, (2) a Library Reads event is planned for February 28, 2018, and (3) two faculty forums about information literacy are planned for late Spring 2018.
  3. Strengthen partnerships with faculty and staff to promote student success and foster integrative and effective approaches to teaching information literacy.
    1. Restructure the library’s instruction program to support the integration of information literacy, as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, across the curriculum.
      1. Promote the “Integrated Model for Information Literacy at Castleton” plan                   
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Plan information added to library website
        • By: October 2017
        • Progress: Completed - see our Information Literacy & Library Instruction Guide
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Presentation to Faculty Assembly
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: Completed - presentation at October 10, 2017 meeting
      2. Develop learning goals and activities for 13 information literacy topic modules and 2 of the 4 librarian-led instruction sessions.                       
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Goals and activities
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Goals and activities have been developed for 13 information literacy topic modules and 3 of the 4 librarian-led instruction sessions as of February. 1 more session will be developed in Summer 2018.
      3. Pilot librarian-led instruction in at least 2 FYS and 2 professional program sections
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Pilots and Faculty and student satisfaction surveys
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: Completed - Pilots in 3 FYS and 2 professional program sections were taught in Fall 2017 and surveys were administered.
      4. Develop plan for delivering librarian-developed topic module activities to faculty 
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Plan for delivery
        • By: December 2017
        • Progress: A plan has been developed and activities are currently being added to a library guide.
      5. In partnership with Integrative Learning Initiative, pilot instruction in at least two general education and 3rd year course sections
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Pilots and Rubric-based assessment of student work
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: Pilots are in progress for Spring 2018.  
      6. Pilot librarian-led instruction on one or more topic modules in at least 2 course sections
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Pilots and Faculty and student satisfaction surveys
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: Pilots are in progress for Spring 2018.  
    2. Restructure reference services to better support student research and scholarship and to more efficiently use technology and existing staff.
      1. Implement LibCal for scheduling appointments with librarians.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: LibCal implemented
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Survey of LibCal and appointment users
        • By: May 2018
      2. Revise reference desk scheduling and staffing.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Revised schedule
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed - Changes were made to the Fall 2017 Reference Desk schedule to reflect usage and staffing.  Additional changes will be implemented in Spring 2018.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Review of usage statistics
        • By: May 2018
    3. Redesign online research guides to reflect best practices in research support.
      1. Develop new templates and style guide for Research Guides.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Templates and style guide
        • By: August 2017
        • Progress: Completed
      2. Revise existing guides to match new template and style guide.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Revised guides
        • By: June 2018
        • Progress: Content is currently being moved to the new guides.
  4. Support an organizational culture of service excellence and collaboration.
    1. Prioritize and support the professional development of library staff, including providing opportunities to learn about emerging trends and changing student needs.
      1. Host an internal professional development day for library faculty and staff.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Event hosted
        • By: June 2018
        • Progress: A professional development day is being planned for May 2018.
      2. Allocate funding in library budget for library staff attendance at local library and higher education conferences and training.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Funds allocated and spent
        • By: June 2018
        • Progress: Funds have been allocated in the FY18 budget for staff professional development.
    2. Expand student employment opportunities to advance their professional growth and development and provide transferrable workplace skills and experiences.
      1. Restructure and reclassify student positions to reflect three progressive levels of responsibility.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Posted position descriptions
        • By: September 2017
        • Progress: Completed for Fall 2017 with new Reference Aide positions at the third level posted and hired.
      2. Offer consolidated annual training for work study students.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Training offered
        • By: Fall 2017
        • Progress: Completed with training session held on October 13, 2017.
      3. Offer at least two professional development opportunities for work study students per year.
        • Assessment/Deliverable: Two sessions offered
        • By: May 2018
        • Progress: One session, covering transferrable skills and provided by Career Services, was offered on October 13, 2017 during the consolidated annual training for work study students.
  5.  Provide regular training for library faculty and staff on emergency procedures.
    1. Revise and update the library’s emergency procedures.
      • Assessment/Deliverable: Procedures document
      • By: August 2017
      • Progress: Completed - Procedures were revised in Summer 2017 and finalized in September 2017.
    2. Hold at least one training session on revised procedures for library faculty, staff and student employees.
      • Assessment/Deliverable: Trainings held
      • By: May 2018
      • Progress: Student employees were trained on October 13, 2017 during the consolidated annual training for work study students.  Faculty and staff will be trained during the planned internal professional development day in May 2018.
  6. Explore additional opportunities for outreach and partnerships with the broader community.
    1. Discuss partnership opportunities with Bridge Initiative group.
      • Assessment/Deliverable: Discussion with Library Director added to Bridge Initiative agenda
      • By: December 2017
      • Progress: The Library Director has requested to attend an Spring 2018 meeting.
    2. Develop plan to increase engagement and involvement with local High School librarians.
      • Assessment/Deliverable: Plan developed
      • By: December 2017
      • Progress: A tentative plan has been developed.  Meetings will be held with relevant constituents in early Spring 2018 to confirm and revise the plan.