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Pre-Med Resources

Building your med school app

Now is the time to build your resume. Make your med school application stand out from the rest! Here's how to do it. 

Get Clinical Experience

You are more than your MCAT scores. Most accepted students have some sort of clinical experience(s) prior to applying for medical school. Admission committees will look at the amount and quality of your clinical experiences as an undergrad. 

Not sure how to get that experience? Here are some ideas. 

a. Shadow/volunteer at local hospitals, free clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, etc.

Brattleboro Memorial HospitalBrattleboro, VT

Central Vermont Medical Center

Complete list of volunteer opportunities. 

Gifford Medical Center, Randolph, VT

Open Door Clinic, Middlebury, VT

Porter Medical Center, Middlebury, VT

Rutland Free Clinic, Rutland, VT

Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland, VT

Example experiences include, but not limited to ...

Emergency Department: Assist staff by rounding on patients to keep them updated about treatment delays, stocking treatment areas, changing stretchers between patients, and performing errands in the building.

Patient Advocate: Round in our inpatient cardiac inpatient unit to identify questions and concerns to resolve or bring to unit staff.

Stimpak: Providing early mobilization activities in the Intensive Care Unit. Ideal for students pursuing a nursing degree and those adults seriously considering a health care career.

UVM Medical Center

Example experiences include, but not limited to ...

Emergency Department Waiting Room: Serve as a liaison between staff, family and patients.

NODA: No One Dies Alone volunteers work with the Palliative Care department to provide companionship to dying patients who might otherwise be alone.

Pediatrics: Participate in Child Life play program by involving pediatric patients in play activities. Training provided by Child Life Specialists.

Intensive Care Unit Liaison: Assist staff by supporting families of patients who are in the surgical and medical waiting areas. Act as a liaison between families and staff.

b. Become a Scribe

"A Medical Scribe is essentially a personal assistant to the physician; performing documentation in the EHR, gathering information for the patient's visit, and partnering with the physician to deliver the pinnacle of efficient patient care."

Positions available in Burlington, Rutland, Bennington

c. Apply for the Summer Medical & Dental Education Program (SMDEP) est. by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (nationwide)

SMDEP is a free six-week residential program for first and second year college students interested in medicine and dentistry. 

"All the housing costs and most meals are covered by the program. Scholars are provided with a $600 stipend which is typically distributed at the midway and at the end of the program. Some program sites offer travel assistance awards. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation also provides a needs-based scholarship for travel to and from the program site."

d. Apply for a summer undergraduate research program/internship (nationwide). 

UG research programs list compiled by the Association of American Medical College

UG research programs list compiled by the National Institutes of Health

UG Internships through the Fred Hutch Cancer Institute 

National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research ($/stipend)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Grants from the National Science Foundation


e. Study/Volunteer Abroad 

Global Medical Brigades
"Volunteers shadow local and foreign health professionals as they provide pro-bono consultations and medications to patients in rural communities. Volunteers assist with in-take, triage, medication packing, and health education."

Atlantis Project: Shadow Doctors in Spain and Portugal

"Fellows shadow local doctors for about 25 hours per week in the hospitals, participate in giving back to the community, and are exposed to Spanish or Portuguese language." 

EcuaExperience: Pre-Medical and Volunteer Programs

"Help, Learn and Discover is a student-driven volunteer organization that offers four week Pre-medical and Volunteer programs in Ecuador." 

Costa Rica Pre-Med/Public Health and Service Adventure

"During this pre-med/public health focus program, students participate in activities with the Nicaragua Ministry of Health (MINSA), shadow physicians and healthcare professionals at MINSA outposts, as well as learn how to take blood pressure and other vital signs." 

Volunteer with the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

"You can make a difference! Each National Society works with and through its volunteers in a variety of service areas, depending on the needs of their communities. These activities can include tackling challenges such as migration, violence in communities, health challenges including HIV and AIDS to name but a few."